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Year 6 Chestnut: Mrs King

Year 6 Chestnut: 2023-2024
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They worked their socks off!
Summary of Term 5

This term, Year 6 have been working tirelessly to prepare for their SATs and showed dedication and ownership in their individual preparations. In the mornings of SATs week, it was great to see so many children coming in to have breakfast with each other before the exams began and it was an excellent way to reduce stress and have a clear mind before starting the tests. Mrs King and I cannot emphasise enough how PROUD we are of each and every one of the children in Year 6 for their work and dedication. Well done!

In history we have been learning about the Victorian Era’s fascinating industrial revolution and the challenges that came with it. This has linked nicely into our English text, Street Child, set in the Victorian times. Year 6 have been delving deeper into the workings of the workhouse and have created non-chronological reports to inform people of why these places existed and what it was like to live in them.

To finish off this term, the end of year production was announced: Joseph. We look forward to all the wonderful singing and dancing in this musical showcase in July!

Next term will be the children's final one at Holy Cross, and with this comes a few memory making moments: our first ever residential; Junior Good Citizens; Clifton Leavers’ Mass; production madness; sports day.

It was important that after a lot of focus on SATs, that the children had some fresh air, fun and games. Here are a couple of photos of our rounders and basketball matches.
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Here is one example of the many non-chronological reports written by Year 6.
Term 3 Year 6
This term we have learnt about Gary Crew and Shaun Tan's book, The Viewer. We have learnt several techniques to help develop dramatic mystery stories including: parenthesis, fronted adverbials and semi colons. We have been creating our own mysteries stories based on this style of writing.
By Riha, Rhea, Bartosz, Vania, Jolanka and Karmela.
Year 6, Term 4
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R.E. Revelations
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Geography - Sustainability
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English - The Viewer
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Maths Week in Year 6
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Year 6 Tag rugby
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Year 6, Term 2 Celebrations – Where did the term go?
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Year 6, Term 1 Celebrations - What a fantastic term
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Meet the teacher - Mrs King
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Hello, I'm Mrs King and I am the Chestnut Class teacher in Year 6. I have been teaching for many years now and am very excited to be joining Holy Cross. I have taught in other Catholic schools and have a wide experience teaching across Years, 3, 4, 5 and 6. I am passionate about getting to know the children in my class and learning all about you, that way we can work hard and have plenty of fun throughout the year. I want your final year at Holy Cross to be amazing so together we need to make this happen.

I enjoy teaching all lessons, but my absolute favourites are History, English, Geography, Maths and PE. We have excellent topics to learn about in Year 6 so there are many things to look forward to - I can’t wait to get started! We will enjoy many good books, explore the world, investigate the past as well as making scientific discoveries in our lessons. I am also looking forward to helping you conqueror your SATs, going on residential with you and putting on your leaver’s show at the end of the year.

Outside of school, I spend most of my time with my family, walking my two dogs, taking my daughter to hockey matches and watching football – I am a massive Liverpool supporter! I also like to read, going to the theatre and travelling to interesting places. Welcome to Chestnut Class.

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