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Why do we teach RHE? Why do we teach RHE in the way we do? How do we teach RHE? What does this look like?
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Why do we teach RHE? Why do we teach RHE in the way we do?

Relationships are key to leading a happy and successful life.

At Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, we want our children to leave school in Year 6 being able to flourish in the wider community. To do this they will need to understand different relationships and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Learning about friendships and family in RHE are the building blocks to help children to understand themselves and others. We want our children to be able to communicate their thoughts and opinions clearly and in an appropriate way. We understand that as children grow older they will be faced with many varied situations within their social groups. We want our children to have the necessary, age appropriate, information to make sensible and informed decisions so that they are safe. In today’s world the use of the internet plays a crucial role, and we want our children to understand how do this safely and with an understanding of the risks. All of this is done within the doctrine of the Catholic Church, faithful to the Church's vision of human wholeness whilst recognising the contemporary context in which we live today.

How do we teach RHE? What does this look like?

Our school has chosen to use the Ten:Ten Scheme to deliver our RHE curriculum. Life to the Full by Ten:Ten is a fully resourced Scheme of Work in Relationships and Health Education (RHE) for Catholic primary schools which embraces and fulfils new statutory curriculum. Taught with a spiral approach to learning in which pupils will revisit the same topics at an age-appropriate stage through their school life, the programme includes teaching about personal health, physical and emotional well-being, strong emotions, private parts of the body, personal relationships, family structures, trusted adults, growing bodies, puberty, periods, life cycles, the dangers of social media, where babies come from, an understanding of the Common Good and living in the wider world.

The entire teaching is underpinned with a Christian faith understanding that our deepest identity is as a child of God – created, chosen and loved by God. The programme is fully inclusive of all pupils and their families. In the academic year 2021/22, Relationships Education and Health Education became statutory in all primary schools in England.

Life to the Full has been approved by our diocese and Ten:Ten has entered into a partnership with the Catholic Education Service and the Department for Education to provide training for teachers in Catholic schools on the subject of the new statutory curriculum.

Our staff have all received training on how to deliver Ten:Ten sessions and can access continued support via online CPD resources. We have consulted with parents about areas of the curriculum that we are currently teaching and we will continue to consult as our curriculum evolves.

Therefore, we are confident that this programme is a very good fit for our school and parents.

RHE is taught in three modules across the primary school from EYFS to UKS2. Each module starts with religious understanding as we aspire to follow the role model of Jesus.

Module 1: Created and Loved by God
This module explores how we are all made in the image and likeness of God. This module helps children to develop an understanding of the importance of valuing themselves as the basis of personal relationships.

Module 2: Created to Love Others
This module explores our relationships with others. This module builds on the understanding that we have been created out of love and for love. It explores how we take this calling into our family, friendships and relationships and teaches strategies for developing healthy relationships and keeping safe.

Module 3: Created to Live in Community
This module explores our relationship with the wider world. This unit explores how human beings are rational by nature and are called to love others in the wider community through service, through dialogue and through working for the Common Good.

We have access to clear progression grids that show how learning develops across the primary curriculum. Key vocabulary is shared with staff and each year builds on previous learning. We also make specific links to other areas of the curriculum such as Science, PE and ICT. In Science, RHE is covered though the topics, ‘Animals including humans,’ and ‘Living things and their habitats,’ which also covers the statutory requirements.

By the time children leave our school what will they be able to do?

Our RHE curriculum enables our children to be lifelong learners by developing their ability to listen, communicate, empathise, question and reflect within a Catholic Framework. It strengthens relationships between children and staff which aids learning across the curriculum. Learners will develop a good understanding about safety and risks in relationships. They will be prepared for the physical and emotional changes they undergo during puberty. RHE will promote learner’s wellbeing and will prepare learners for the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities of adult life. The RHE curriculum will have a positive impact on learners’ health and wellbeing and their ability to achieve, and this will play a crucial part in meeting these obligations. Our RHE lessons complement our curriculum to provide the skills needed to ensure our children are well prepared for the next stage of their education and can move smoothly into secondary education.

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