Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

Applications for Reception
Students will be admitted at the beginning of the school year following their fourth birthday without reference to ability or aptitude. It is expected that the families of all applicants who are not Roman Catholics, or committed members of another Christian denomination, will understand the benefits of a Christian education and will support the Catholic Ethos of the school.  
Places for September are offered in accordance with the school's Admissions Policy (working alongside Swindon Borough Council) which is available on the website. www.swindon.gov.uk - Primary school places and admissions

Children start school in the September after their fourth birthday.

You can apply for a place from autumn the year before they are due to start reception. It's important to apply as soon as you can to secure a place at our school. If your child has an older brother or sister at your chosen school, you must still apply.

To apply for a place at this school in the normal admission round, you must complete the local authority Admissions Form which is accessible by registering and applying online via the Swindon Borough Council website. For those living in Swindon, applications may be made online at: Swindon Borough Council's 'Citizen Portal'.

Please refer to the www.swindon.gov.uk - school places and admissions website for details of application deadline dates and how to apply for a place at our school.

You must include your child's baptism certificate to support your application, and children will then be ranked in accordance with our school's Admissions Policy.

Applications submitted after the deadline, will be considered by Swindon Borough Council, however, parents must apply via the portal: Make a late primary school admission.

For children joining us in Reception at the beginning of the academic year, parents will be advised of the placement offer during April by the local authority in which you live, on our behalf. If you are unsuccessful in being offered a place at this school, you have the right of appeal to an independent appeal panel.

Order of Priority
In the event of oversubscription (i.e. more applications than available places) priority within each criterion listed below, will be given to children who will have a brother or sister at the school at the time of enrolment.
  1. Catholic looked after and previously looked after children
  2. Catholic children who are resident in the school's designated parishes of Holy Rood Swindon, St Peter's West Swindon, St Joseph's Wroughton and Sacred Heart Royal Wootton Bassett
  3. Other Catholic children
  4. Other looked after and previously looked after children
  5. Children who are a Catechumen
  6. Any other children.
Where children have identical ranking, priority within each category will then be determined by random allocation, according to the criteria set in the school's Admissions Policy.

Appeals procedure
Parents/carers have the right to appeal against the refusal by the Governors to admit their child and should put their appeal in writing to the Clerk to the Governors at the school.  Appeals will be arranged by the Local Authority.

Before Applying
Before you apply, you should research the local primary schools. This will help you decide which schools to put down as your preferences.  
To find out more about a school, you could:
  • Go to a school open day
  • Visit school websites
  • Ask other parents what they think of the school
In Year Applications
An application can be made for a place for a child at any time outside the normal admission round and the child will be placed on a waiting list and ranked in order of priority. Only children ranked as priority will be admitted where there is an available place. Applications should be made in writing to the Admissions Officer at the school address, using the school's In-Year application. You can download the form HERE, or collect it from the school.

Any supporting documentary evidence, for example, a baptism certificate or proof of a house move, should be provided to the school with your application.

SEN & Local Offer
Local Authorities are required to publish a Local Offer. This will provide up to date information about the services and support that children with SEN can access in their local area. Schools will need to publish their School Offer with details of their provision for SEN, which will then be linked to the Local Authority website.
Swindon Borough Council's Local Offer

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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