Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Procedures in the event of bad weather or other event.

The following information outlines our school procedures where the weather affects the normal functioning of school. The FAQs below explain how we would keep you informed if we had to close because of bad weather.

Please note: It is always our aim to keep school open in the event of snow. The only time we would have to close would be if we did not have enough suitably qualified staff that are able to make it to the school site.

  • In the event of snow or ice, we do attempt to clear a path around the school site. However, please still take care when walking onto and off the site.
  • Please walk to school where you can as the roads around school can be extremely hazardous for driving and parking in snow or ice.
  • You will have to make your own decisions based on your personal circumstances on whether you are able to get to school or not in the event of ice or snow.
  • Please don’t ever take any unnecessary risks. Delay your journey to school if you feel that is appropriate.
If we are forced to close for safety reasons:
  • BBC Wiltshire radio and Heart will make an announcement
  • Our school website will be updated
  • We will send an email out - however, when the demand for this service is high across the county, there can be a substantial delay to this process.
Hopefully this won't be necessary. As always, if you have any questions, please contact the school via the usual channels.

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