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Why do we teach RE? Why do we teach RE in the way we do? How do we teach RE? What does this look like?
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Why do we teach RE? Why do we teach RE in the way we do?

‘At Holy Cross, we grow in faith, we act with kindness, generosity and love to ourselves and others’

Through our bespoke Religious Education Curriculum at Holy Cross, we aim for our pupils to gain a deep understanding of their Religious knowledge, gifts, talents and skills. This is achieved by learning about their Christian responsibilities. Our children are provided with experiences of church, Catholic and Christian traditions, as well as being taught to be respectful and understanding of people and traditions from other faith backgrounds. Through Religious Education our children learn about their unique place within the home, school and parish community.

Fundamentally, we believe every child deserves to flourish, physically, socially, emotionally, mentally and academically. We want to enable them to, ‘live life to the full and have a future full of hope’.

How do we teach RE? What does this look like?

At Holy Cross Catholic Primary we follow the ‘God Matters’ scheme of work for RE, which fulfils the requirements of the Bishop’s Conference and the Curriculum Directory for Religious Education.
This sets forth the expectations for what should be covered by Religious Education teaching in Catholic Schools in England and Wales.

Each year group studies a number of units over the year. The units are developmental, building on previous knowledge and experience and considering the children’s age and understanding.
In addition to this, teachers extend and adapt the planning to reflect the events of the liturgical calendar, global events and the life of the Catholic Church. This includes visits to the school from, guest speakers and representatives from charities who are specialists in their area. RE lessons also use a variety of sources such as religious stories, scripture, religious artwork, songs, music, dance and religious signs and symbols. Approaches will include; whole class teaching, group activities and individual work. Children will have opportunities to work individually as well as cooperatively and collaboratively, developing their own knowledge and expertise as well as sharing experiences with others.

Key vocabulary is discussed and displayed in books to help the children answer key facts and questions on the topic being taught.

We supplement the ‘God Matters’ scheme with bespoke teaching of CAFOD’s Catholic Social Teaching. Children are challenged to relate Gospel stories (such as the Parable of the Good Samaritan) and Papal Encyclicals (such as Fratelli Tutti and Laudato Si) to modern events and asked to consider how they can live out their beliefs. We seek to inspire our pupils to take what they have learnt and to go forth and make change in their community and the world.

As well as covering the delivery of Catholic Education, our bespoke planning also contains the resources and units required for us to regularly teach children about other world religions. This ensures that they develop an appreciation for faith in a wider sense and are respectful of the religious beliefs, practices and observances of others. This in turn enables them to be responsible and constructive members of the multi-cultural, multi-faith society in which they live.

Our children also participate in Masses, Feast Days, Holy Days, and Liturgy and Prayer which involve religious actions and worship including the celebration of the Sacraments. They also visits to our local church, Holy Rood on a weekly basis.

By the time children leave our school what will they be able to do?

At Holy Cross our children are happy leaners and through RE they are able to deepen their appreciation of their faith. The children of Holy Cross are able to talk, define, describe and discuss areas of RE. They confidently use skills such as retelling, describing, comparing and explaining the meaning of bible stories and considering the impact of beliefs.

Through our RE curriculum the children will be able to make connections between their own lives and the lives of those in our local community and in the wider world. Children will also develop an understanding about other cultures and the importance and dignity of human life.

We believe the real impact of our curriculum comes through in the strength of character and determination of our pupils. Their love for learning, curiosity, willingness to take chances and know more, and their deep sense of responsibility for themselves, others and the world around them. We are certain the world needs such young people who believe in God and in their own worth, who are able to walk out in joy and confidence into the future, both loving themselves and others.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

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