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Year 4: Roman mosaics
This term, in art, we were learning about the Roman mosaics. They were really interesting to learn about because there were lots of patterns and shapes to look at during the lesson. The exciting part about the Roman mosaics are, that we got to make them! So here are the steps of how we did them:
  1. Firstly, we designed the mosaics using the scaling method. The scaling method is a method that we use if we need to make the picture larger or smaller.
  2. Secondly, we stuck a smaller picture of the animal or flower we chose to do on to a small piece of wood. We could choose from a ladybird, a flower, a butterfly or a bee.
  3. After that, we stuck pieces of tessera on to the wood. Our teachers had to help us cut the pieces of tessera because they were too hard to cut on our own.
  4. When we finished that step, we put our mosaics to dry at the back of the classroom so they wouldn’t get ruined.
  5. After it dried for a little while , we mixed the dry grout with some water so it will fill the gaps of our mosaics.
  6. Then, we filled the gaps of our mosaics with the grout so they will stay in place for a long time.
  7. The next day, the grout dried and we took pictures of them and we got to take them home!
That was the end of our mosaic making journey!

Written by Zuzanna and Jesus

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